What does a Practical Assistant do? And how are they different from VAs / PAs?

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What support can Bee’s Knees Practical Assistance offer you, and how does it differ from that of a VA or traditional Personal Assistant? The answer is very simple and could save you a lot of time and frustration if you’re searching for the perfect support solution for your business and life.

What do PAs and Vas Do?

Virtual Assistants or Personal Assistants are organisers who offer specialist administrative services. Typical tasks they might perform include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

VAs are defined by distance – they’ve got your back and provide any number of fundamental support services, but they’re likely to be working remotely and will be self-employed. PAs are generally employees and work, either in the same building as you or nearby so you can regularly touch base.

The benefits of Practical Assistance and Outsourcing

I refer to myself as a ‘Practical Assistant’ because I offer both categories of services, and so much more, with a practical ‘can-do’ attitude and years of experience. The organisational services I offer can extend beyond the business, to your life outside work, property management, personal events and any number of useful tasks.

My flexibility also sets me apart – unlike a traditional Personal or Virtual Assistant, I like to agree on a set up that works for us both, it just takes a friendly chat and we’ll have the perfect arrangement in place.

Outsourcing has many tangible benefits, with the most obvious being the time and freedom to do what you truly want to be doing. Here are some other positive (and lucrative!) outcomes:

  • Save on recruitment, wages, overheads and training costs that come with in-house employees
  • Choose how you’d like to work together, from video call, email or telephone, at scheduled times to weekly face-to-face meetings – I’m flexible
  • Work with someone who can respond quickly, is available to you and, if needed, can help others too, such as family and colleagues
  • Enjoy a working relationship built on trust
  • Experience the security of knowing flexible support is available through each stage of your business growth

Next Steps
So what are you looking for? Whether it’s someone to lighten the load at work or bring peace and organisation to your private-life, it’s time to discover how flexible Practical Assistance can make the world of difference to you.

Visit HOW CAN I HELP to find out more, or you could just seize the day and GET IN TOUCH here. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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